While Valentine’s Day is synonymous for boxes of chocolate, red roses and greeting cards, at its best, to us it was an opportunity to express love for the people in our lives who matter most. There was perhaps no group more deserving of that love than the children at the Mulago cancer ward. Cancer can be isolating, so it’s crucial for those battling the disease to surround themselves with as much love and emotional support as possible.

Nkesiga Cancer foundation members in collaboration with AAR insurance took their love to the children battling cancer in Mulago hospital on Valentine’s Day The infants could not hold back their excitement as they received presents from the group. Tears of joy were seen on many of their eyes. Tears of emotion rolled down the guardian’s chins as Rev. Diana Nkesiga offered prayers of hope and deliverance to the struggling little ones. Rev. Diana asked each of the children what they missed doing at home. The response from each child compelled compassion;

There are moments when words just aren’t necessary and a caring hand is all the heart desires. This can be a team of support to fetch the week’s groceries or cook meals, a willing individual to coordinate doctor appointments, or maybe just a hand-written note to say hello. The unexpected journey of cancer often brings exhausting emotional challenges and financial burdens. H.O.P.E. helps ease this journey. The major motive of the Nkesiga Cancer foundation and AAR Health Services is to demonstrate a new dawn of hope to the cancer affected families.